Walk with Jane- Editorial

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“I find every answers to my questions in Jane Austen’s books,” said Valeria Valenziano who sleeps with the English author’s entire book collection on her nightstand. “Every time I have nothing to read, I go back to her books; I randomly open one or two of them and start re-reading them to find comfort and answers.”
Valenziano, 54, is originally from Brazil, but has been living and working in Rome, Italy as a traveling consultant since 1986. She is the founder of the cultural and ludic female Italian club “In the World Of Jane Austen.” The club includes about 40 to 80 participants to each event and was funded in 2009 as Valenziano wanted to open a collective dialogue with “her friend from a past life,” the English write Jane Austen she was so inspired by to other “Janeites,” women celebrating the life and books of the young author in the Italian capital with monthly organized events to re-live everything about their heroine's time.
“I feel stunning in these dresses; if there ever was another life I belonged to those times, said Valenziano. “Without even knowing it, I often wear my hair up in the style of the time; my way of walking, standing, approaching others is different when I am wearing my gloves, my hats and my dresses.”
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