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A collection of assignment and personal portrait work between New York City, Tel Aviv and Rome.

I remember when I was little I posed for a portrait made of myself in paint. My grandparents thought it would be a wonderful idea to have a 6 years old girl sit for a 3 hours session in the same position while someone would paint her.

Whether I was successful in that endeavor or not is beside the point. I try to make my subjects feel as much at easy as possible when they come in for a sitting.

A sitting with a subject whether is an environmental portrait or an in-studio one, is a sharing experience and not a one-way street. I direct as much as they allow me to, but also leave a lot of freedom for the subject to feel free to interpret their movement and feeling as they most wish.

I rarely succeed in taking a remarkable portrait if I have not gotten to know the subject just a little bit and established a line of contact beside the simple nature of me having to take a photo of them.

Portraits are a slow practice of pure patience and connections, something I am enjoying more and more each day despite its deep challenges.
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