Love post Covid - Editorial

14 images Created 24 Aug 2020

We spent months not touching, not coming in contact with one another, we dared to even walk out unprepared in the eventuality we would run into someone unmasked and too handy who may want to ask us for the time way to close for our newly developed comfort.

But then, Italy's door opened. And came June and then July and the summer time wiped the virus off the chart and these were the months when Italy registered the least number of Covid_19 contagious cases since the beginning of this Pandemic back in March.

And hope was restored...or so we thought!

A little before all of this happened, on May 3, 2020 while on my drive back from my hiding spot in North Carolina to New York City, I got a call from Annie Lerner, a fashion designer and creative director in Milano who had seen my previous work published and wanted to collaborate on a story on Rebirth, Renaissance, Rebuilt after all the Pandemic had taken from us.

So, in the middle of the hottest, Italian summer I remember yet, after three-months preparation, I photographed these actors and actresses with some stunning clothing from Gucci, to Valentino to Prada for my very first Fashion Editorial for the Fall issue of D La repubblica, the Italian weekly women magazine.

And I never had so much fun.
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