L'albergo delle donne- Personal

23 images Created 13 Feb 2016

There is a space in between our visits. A space we reach every time we encounter after months apart. A parallel dimension made of faded memories, secret gardens and future hopes.

This space is sacred for me. It's a safe place for being oneself completely. A space of distances unreachable, yet unifiable. A feeling of belonging even when only once in a while for a little while. A present tense. Never a dull one.

"L'albergo delle donne +1" wants to show the relationship I hold with my mother and my two sisters (and occasionally my father) after so many years abroad. A space held suspended in a different element, the one of uncanny and outspoken singularities.

My family talks, loudly so, judges, deeply so, pushes, unrelentingly so, but they do it with the hope, once we listen, we will be more attentive and awaken to the daily challenges in that space of diversity they have created for us to taste life to the fullest.

A place where nothing is held back, everything comes out at once and directly as to mask the facade reality imposes on us to cover the truth.
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